100% Natural Dental Deer Antler Chew for Dogs

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Our 100% Natural Whole Deer Antler chews are natural, healthy, odour-free and long-lasting and will help keep your dog's teeth clean with the additional benefit of keeping them busy and occupied.


Low Fat: Our Antlers contain 0.1% total fats

Ethics and Variation: Our Antler chews are naturally shed so they vary in shape, thickness and colour. No two are alike so your dog will enjoy the variety!

Odour Free:  Antlers have no odour so your dog can enjoy indoors or outdoors without any residual smell in your home.

Non Stick Label: Our labels are not stuck to the antler so your dog will not be ingesting glue and potentially harmful chemicals. Labels are tied to the antler with natural jute string.


Directions: Like all hard chews supervise your dog particularly for aggressive chewers as it is possible they could break a tooth. Do not allow your dog to attempt to break the chew in half with his back teeth. Do not allow your dog to consume more than 1-2cm per day and once the antler has been chewed down to a swallowable size, it’s important for your dog’s safety to throw it away and get a new one.




 Dog Weight  Recommended Antler Size  Antler Weight  Antler Length
 0-10kg  Small  30-80g  Up to 15cm
 10-20kg  Medium  80-160g   15-20cm
 20+kg  Large  >160g  >20cm
 Typical Analysis: 
 Crude Protein  36.00%  
 Crude Fat   0.10% 
 Crude Fibre   6.50%  
 Moisture Max  12.50%  
 Ash  53.00%  







Ingredients: 100% Naturally Shed Free Range Deer Antler. Made in New Zealand


plant-derived-natural-ingredients.png100% Natural/Organic Productno-dpg-phthalates.pngNo Artificial Colours or Flavoursno-artificial-colours.pngEthically Sourced 

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