Botanical Extracts

Our products contain certified organic extracts of chamomile, calendula, comfrey, horsetail, burdock root, kakadu plum & nettle. Our certified organic extracts mean that no pesticides are used. 

Essential Oils

We exclusively use essential oils to scent our products.  Often commercial pet shampoos will mislead customers into believing their products contain essential oils but what they’re really using are synthetic chemicals or low grade essential oils. Our essential oils are graded as 5 star, are exceedingly costly and are the purest, therapeutic grade oils. Most essential oils in the consumer market are at best a 3 star oil containing a maximum of 20% essential oil blended with other components and are cheaper to produce.  If you look in the ingredients you may find words such as ‘tea tree oil’ or ‘sandalwood oil’.  If the words ‘pure essential oil’ are not used, it may be a synthetic version of an essential oil, which often contains DPG and phthalates that are toxic. Synthetic aroma chemicals are often labeled in the ingredients with names like Fragrance & Parfum

Traditional Aromatherapy Benefits

Citrus essential oils (lemon & sweet orange), rosemary, clary sage, chamomile and rosewood have a beautiful, uplifting scent and also act as great odour neutralisers.Rosemary oil is fantastic for a dog’s coat and give the coat a healthy shine.  


The active ingredients used in our dog grooming products help benefit a dog’s skin and coat. Actives are used sparingly, if at all in many pet products in the current market due to their cost. The active ingredients we use provide extra conditioning and we utilise various extracts for these purposes. We use bisabolol natural (a very costly ingredient which is a concentrated chamomile derivative), as well as pure pro vitamin B5,Vitamin C, Vitamin E and antioxidants, all of which condition and nourish the skin & hair to make the coat feel softer, shinier, healthier and stronger.


Our cleansing power and foam is derived from sugar (Eco Cert approved). The cleansing ingredients in our products are very mild, free from sulphates and soap free.

Soap is highly alkaline and harsh on canine skin with a PH level of up to 10 . The pH levels for a dog should be neutral (around 7) and human skin (around 4.5-6). Our products are pH balanced specifically for dogs. It is very important to know that soap and human shampoos and conditioners are too harsh for a dog’s sensitive skin.