Basic upkeep for Grooming your dog: dog wash, dog ear cleaning and brushing with a slicker brush

Basic upkeep for Grooming your dog: dog wash, dog ear cleaning and brushing with a slicker brush

Posted by Essential Dog on Nov 05, 2021

Grooming our dogs is a daily routine often overlooked by dog owners. Insufficient grooming can lead to skin and health issues, parasites, skin lesions, ear infections and more.

How often should I wash my dog?

Your dog should be washed no more than once every 2 weeks unless advised by your vet.

Essential Dog Wash Products all owners should have

The basic and essential dog wash tools every dog owner should have include a dog shampoo, dog conditioner, ear cleaner and brush.

Dog wash

Find a good natural shampoo for your dog that’s at minimum pH-balanced, free of parabens, sulphates and synthetic fragrances. If you don’t wash your dog and take them to the groomers instead, be sure to bring your own dog shampoo and conditioner, unless they stock a reputable, natural brand.

Washing your dog is important as it removes any dirt, bacteria, pollens and allergens from the skin. Underwashing your dog means that they can start to get itchy, red skin, and start scratching and licking, eventually irritating or breaking the skin. This can lead to skin infections. Washing your dog is also important as it detangles the coat. When the coat gets matted, it can eventually lodge itself onto the surface of skin. This stops oxygen flow to the skin thereby creating a moisture trap. When there is moisture trapped on the skin, it’s the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mould, and fungus. It works much the same as a bathroom that isn’t properly ventilated or waterproofed that grows mould. This phenomena is prevalent in shar pei’s when the folds of skin prevent the proper airflow.

Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning should be an essential weekly routine, particularly for long-eared dogs like spaniels, oodle breeds and hounds. When the ears are not properly cleaned, a build up of moisture (particularly during humid weather), gunk and ear wax can obstruct the ear canal leading to infection and attracting parasites such as ear mites. Ear mites feed off the wax and oils in the ear canal. We have developed the only herbal ear cleaner on the market that saves a tonne of time, is easy to use, isn’t stick or messy and prevents product wastage. No dog likes their ears to be cleaned so we recommended using in the bath when your dog is still. It’s unique extended nozzle spray fits into the opening of the ear canal and you simply press the spray nozzle once or twice in each ear.

Brushing the Coat

Brushing your dog’s coat stimulates the oils on the top epidermal layer of the skin. These oils protect the underlayers of the epidermis. Brushing your dog’s coat prevents knots, tangles, matting and is a great way to spend some time with your dog at night time.

We have 3 types of brushes

  1. Two-Sided Brush - designed for all coat types. One side is to detangle the coat and stimulate the oils on the skin, the other side gives a glossy shine and finish to the coat.
  2. Slicker Brush - our slicker brush has stainless steel pins that are angled so that they don’t penetrate the skin. Slicker brushes are imperative for non shedding breeds such as poodles and poodle crosses (cavoodle, spoodle, schnoodle, labradoodles, bordoodles and groodles etc). The slicker brush keeps the undercoat in good condition and the tiny needles (they won’t pierce the skin!) will break down matting and prevent knots and tangles. This needs to be used at least 3 times a week.
  3. Deshedding tool - an absolute must for high shedding dogs such as Jack Russells, Staffies, Golden Retrievers and more. The deshedding tool is a stainless steel rake that reduces shedding by pulling out stray hairs that always end up on your clothes, your furniture and floor!

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