Dogs in Summer

Dogs in Summer

Posted by Essential Dog on Nov 19, 2020

Welcome to your Essential Newsletter for Summer 2020!

With Summer just around the corner, let’s take a quick look at how you can make it an enjoyable and safe season for your favourite four-legged friends. We are also highlighting new(ish) product to make floppy ears fabulous – and we have another discount code for you!

Discount Time!

Let’s start with the Summer Discount code. As always, we want to make caring for your pet as easy as possible, so for the month of November you can use this 20% OFF discount code on your purchase… SUMMERNEWS20 (*conditions apply).

Dogs in Summer

Summer, more than ever, means rising temperatures so it’s important to keep a close eye on your pets and provide them with a variety of opportunities to keep cool and comfortable. Pets that are elderly, overweight, or suffering from a medical condition are particularly susceptible to heat related illnesses as are our dog friends with flat faces. Here are 5 easy tips to follow to keep your pets happy this Summer:

1. Walk your dog early in the morning or later in the evening – this is to avoid the hottest part of the day when the possibility of dehydration is a higher and when the possibility of burning paws on hot pavement is also higher. The best way to test the pavement temperature is to hold the back of your hand on the surface for five seconds and if it’s too hot for you, then it’s too hot for your pooch’s paws!

2. Never leave your pet alone in your car – even if the car is in the shade and/or has the windows down, your pet can still overheat. One study found that when the temperature outside is just 22 degrees, the inside of a car can reach 47 degrees within an hour. The back of a ute also gets extremely hot in the sun which can burn the paws or body of your dog. If you ever see a distressed dog alone in a car, please call emergency services.

3. Provide plenty of shade and plenty of fresh clean water – we’re sure you always provide your pets with plenty of shade and fresh clean water, but Summer is the time to give even more! Providing multiple shady spots gives your pet variety and options as the sun moves. And providing extra sources of water means they will never run out – even if they accidently knock one over! On really hot and humid days, consider bringing your pets inside (if they’re not already) and let them bask in some air-conditioning or some cooler air with fans.

4. Keep your dog well-groomed – dogs with thick coats will naturally shed hair so they have lighter coats for the Summer. You should regularly brush your dog to aid this process (we’ll just quickly take this opportunity to let you know we sell a range of dog brushes too…). Dogs with long hair will benefit from regular haircuts during the warmer months. Keep in mind though that hair provides your dog with protection from possible sunburn and pesky insects.

5. Know the signs – watch for signs or symptoms such as restlessness, excessive thirst, heavy panting, lack of appetite, a rapid heartbeat, vomiting, diarrhea, or lack of coordination. If your pet displays one or more of these signs, it’s likely they are not coping with the surrounding environment or could be suffering from heatstroke. If this is the case, get them into the shade immediately and call your vet. You can lower your pooch’s body temperature gradually by providing shade and water to drink and/or applying a cool damp towel to the neck or chest (do not use ice).

Product of the Season

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Essential Dog of the Season

Meet Essential Summer Dog Fernet the Border Collie. 

She loves hanging out with her sibling Rocky! And, she loves our Essential Dog Lavender, Lemon Peel and Sage shampoo and conditioner. Check out more from Fernet at @rockyxfernet.

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