Guide to Dog Skincare: Choosing a Suitable Dog shampoo and Conditioner for Sensitive Skin

Guide to Dog Skincare: Choosing a Suitable Dog shampoo and Conditioner for Sensitive Skin

Posted by Essential Dog on Sep 27, 2021

Choosing a suitable dog shampoo and conditioner for your dog can be daunting, especially if your dog has sensitive skin, is prone to allergies, hot spots and rashes.

Skin health is from the inside out, so it is important to ensure your dog has a balanced diet and getting all the right nutrients and supplements, particularly those rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9.

What is often overlooked is that skin health is also from the outside in. What you put on your dog can impact their skin health.

With the plethora of natural pet shampoo on the market, finding a naturally formulated shampoo specifically for your itchy dog is difficult as full ingredient disclosure is not required by law, so you don’t really know what you’re putting on your dog and the damage it’s doing.

Sulphate and paraben-free?

It is a given that sulphates, parabens and synthetic fragrances are not suitable for dogs, particularly those with sensitive skin, but the science is so much more complex than simply leaving out these ingredients. The majority of skincare and dog grooming products are formulated to maximise profit, and putting it in an upmarket bottle and using trendy marketing jargon like ‘natural fragrances’ and ‘no sulphates’ doesn’t mean you’re purchasing a quality product. The fact is, there are sulphate-free ingredients that are cheap but can still cause irritation. There are essential oils and natural fragrances that are only 5% essential oils but marketed as pure and cost 95% less than the ultra pure stuff. This is why you can walk into a chain store and purchase a nice big bottle of natural dog shampoo for $25, but is it really worth it?

Knowing what’s in your dog shampoo...

Unfortunately many products only highlight the ‘good’ ingredients and hide the irritating ingredients. You’re never going to know what’s in it, so it’s important to find a brand that you trust, that discloses their ingredients. You’ll only really know if what you’re buying is high quality by using it and seeing if there is an improvement in your dog's skin health. Generally the higher the quality, the higher the cost, and the lower the irritation potential.

We only use the best ingredients, purest essential oils, and plant extracts. Our practitioner grade oils and extracts are ultra pure and some of them cost us over $1,000 a kilo. Your dog’s skin health is our number one priority. We love dogs and want to help you and your dog thrive, rather than filling our pockets with profits.

To give you an idea of what goes into our dog shampoo and conditioner to make it the best shampoo with the lowest irritation potential, let’s take a look at where we get our main sulphate-free cleanser, Decyl Glucoside from. Most Decyl Glucoside is made in China and is about $3-5 a kilo. Our Decyl Glucoside comes from a highly sought after manufacturer in Germany. It costs $30 a kilo, as it’s ultra pure, contains no fillers which means it won’t irritate your dog’s skin.

Another example is our Lavender essential oil. We can purchase it for about $20/kg but we purchase directly from a family-owned lavender farmer in France for $490/kg, as the quality is outstanding, contains no fillers and won’t irritate your dog’s skin.

We are genuine animal lovers and it is so important to us that your dog’s skin will be nourished, cared for, undamaged and healthy.

We have a 100% money back guarantee your dog will not itch after using any of our products.

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