How Many Dogs are there in Australia?

How Many Dogs are there in Australia?

Posted by Essential Dog on Apr 05, 2023

As of July 2022 it was estimated that there are 28.7 million pets in Australia. Approximately 69% of households have a pet in Australia making Australia having one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world. [1]

How many dogs are there in Australia?

Dogs are the most common pets and account for 47.8% of household pets. The second most common household pet is cats who account for 33% of household pets, followed by fish 12.1%, birds 10.5%, and small mammals, reptiles and other pets account for the remainder.

There are approximately 6.4 million dogs in Australia. The vast majority (75%) of households have one dog, while the rest have two or more dogs. [1]

Dogs and the pandemic

There has been a substantial boom in pet ownership during the pandemic, with an estimated 30.4 million pets across the country. Nationally, 69% of households now own a pet, up from 61% only two years ago. This has been led by a surge in dog ownership—with over a million additional dogs being brought into Australian households since 2019.[2]

Benefits of dog and pet ownership

The most common benefits reported by pet owners include:

  • Companionship (unconditional love and joy) (52%) - pet owners reported their pets as a source of unconditional love and joy, life companions, best friends and family members. Many pet owners say they cannot imagine life without their pets.
  • Mental health benefits (23%) - pet owners report their pets have a positive effect on their mood and their pets get them out of bed, provided a sense of routine and made them feel calm particularly during the early days of the pandemic when they felt an increase in anxiety and distress.
  • Physical health benefits (18%) - pet owners report that having a pet gave them a connection to the community (human interaction) that they would not have otherwise had, whether it be in person or online forums.[1]

What size dog is the most popular in Australia?

Small dogs are the most popular dog size in Australia. Nearly 2 in 5 households in Australia (43%) have small dogs less than 10kg, 35% of Australian households have medium size dogs 10-25kg, and 22% of Australian households have large dogs over 25kg. [1]

What dogs breeds are the most popular in Australia?

Pure Breeds

A study in 2022 revealed that dog owners reported that Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Border Collies, Jack Russells, Pomeranians, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Chihuahuas. [1].

Designer breeds

Poodle crosses are very popular in Australian households and include cavoodles, labradoodles, groodles and spoodles [1]

Mixed Breeds

Although mixed breed dog owners are not aware of the exact breeds that make up their dog/dogs, the most common mixed breeds include mixes of Stafffordshire Terrier, Kelpie, Jack Russell, Poodle, Labrador and Maltese.[1]


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