How to alleviate your dog's itchy skin - Home Remedies

How to alleviate your dog's itchy skin - Home Remedies

Posted by Essential Dog on Jan 14, 2022

If your dog is suffering from itchy skin, it can be distressing for both dog and owner.
In todays article we will be discussing ways to help your itchy dog without breaking the bank.
Here are several of the most common causes for itching.

Grass allergies
If your dog becomes itchy when exposed to grass, changes are they are allergic to grass and or/pollens.

Many dogs become itchy during humid weather. High humidity means there is more moisture in the air and this creates moisture on your dog’s skin. Moisture can lead to bacterial infections, in the same way that still water will begin to grow microbes after several days, so too does your dog.

Food allergies
Many dogs are allergic to shellfish, red meat and chicken, and can lead to excessive itching. If you suspect your dog has a food allergy, it is best to speak to your vet. Owners may also consider an elimination diet to ascertain which foods your dog is allergic to.

Home remedies for itchy dogs
For grass allergies fill a bucket with water and sponge your dog down. This will remove pollens and other allergens off the skin. Pay close attention to the belly, legs and paws. Do this each time your dog is exposed to grass.

For heat and humidity-related itching use a dehumidifier in the area your dog spends most of the time indoors. You can also use an absorbent cloth to wipe down your dog and remove excess moisture. This will help remove excess water on the skin however the best way to reduce the chance of microbes forming on the skin is to use a skin sanitising solution for dogs. Our Dermal Scratch Spray contains a small percentage of alcohol , tea tree oil and lavender oil that helps to keeps the microbes and itching at bay. Please do not use human hand sanitisers as these will irritate your dogs skin and the alcohol content is too high for dogs.

Food allergies - consider an elimination diet to ascertain which foods your dog is allergic to.

Pharmaceuticals - speak to your vet, or alternatively purchase an antihistamine from your local chemist. Certain human antihistamines e.g. loratidine 10mg/10kg weight are suitable for dogs and will only cost you less than $10 for 24 tablets. This is a fraction of the cost of a vet visit. Ask your vet nurse at your vet for a product and dosage guide to using human anti histamines for dogs - it won’t cost you a cent! As a last resort you can administer 1 tablet per day for 3-5 days to help break the itch cycle.

Using a combination of some or all of these methods will help relieve your dog’s skin for no

more than $30. Remember that if you use our Dermal Spray, if your dog goes back out onto grassy areas, you’ll need to use it again or wipe down the skin with water. You need to be iligent with itchy dogs, so I wish you and your dog all the best on your journey to ditch the itch.