Natural Bamboo Deshedding Tool: Dogs & Cats

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A natural bamboo brush designed to reduce shedding in dogs and cats.

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A natural bamboo brush designed to reduce shedding in dogs and cats.
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Regularly brushing your dog's coat is an essential part of grooming and stimulates the coat's protective oils. This natural de-shedding tool is an excellent choice for reducing pet hair in your home and is designed for short-haired, high shedding dogs and cats. The sturdy stainless steel blade effectively removes excess hair and reduces shedding. This stylish de-shedding tool is easy to use, has a comfortable, cushioned handle, and grown from naturally grown wild bamboo. The bamboo treatment upon harvest uses high-pressure water and heat instead of pesticides. Suitable for short haired, high shedding dogs.

Recommended for medium to long-haired and high shedding dogs and cats

  • Size: One Size (S-M)
  • Length of stainless steel head: 6.7cm

Bamboo, Stainless Steel

Gently brush in the hair growth direction to remove undercoat and reduce shedding. Remove hair from the tool as needed. It can be used with our deodoriser or spray-on conditioner to assist with brushing. Keep the stainless steel head dry after use.

Is the deshedding tool suitable for my high shedding dog?

This brush is recommended for high shedding dogs.

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