Different types of Grooming Products for Dogs: Dog shampoos for allergies and waterless dog shampoos

Different types of Grooming Products for Dogs: Dog shampoos for allergies and waterless dog shampoos

Posted by Essential Dog on Oct 29, 2021

What does PH-balanced mean?

If your dog has skin allergies you’re not alone. The most important thing to know is a dog shampoo is different from a human shampoo. A dog shampoo is pH-balanced specifically for dogs. The appropriate pH value for dog shampoo is 7 (neutral to alkaline), whereas human shampoo has a pH value of approximately 5 (more acidic). Using a pH-balanced dog shampoo for dogs with skin allergies is very important not only for their coat health but also their skin health. Our dog shampoo for sensitive skin is pH balanced.

What are waterless dog shampoos or dry dog shampoos?

Waterless dog shampoos and/or dry shampoos are products that don’t require water. Although they can contain water, the whole idea is that you don’t need to add water, thus saving you on wetting and drying time. Waterless dog shampoos and/or dry dog shampoos are also an alternative to prevent you from over washing your dog (once per fortnight maximum). They’re very efficient to use, don’t take a lot of time and are used in between baths to freshen up your smelly pooch (yes, we all know they love to roll in ghastly things)!

Our range of deodorisers, also known as waterless dog shampoo use natural ingredients and 100% pure and verified essential oils. They contain nourishing oils, up to 7 plant extracts and conditioning oils to assist with brushing. The scent of our deodorisers are not overwhelming to you or your dog. Our deodorisers also have some cleansers in them that attract the dirt and when brushed off, this enables the dirt to be easily lifted off the skin and coat. Fragrances are often used in dry and wet dog shampoos simply to mask the smell, but because we use eco-cert approved, gentle cleansers, this means they eliminate the source of the malodour.

Dry shampoos often contain relatively harmless ingredients such as corn starch, bicarbonate of soda, diatomaceous earth and some fragrance (fragrance in our opinion is a dirty word as they’re often synthetic).

The great thing about dry shampoo powders is they can be packaged in plastic free packaging. However an often overlooked issue with dry shampoo powders is that the powder can’t be brushed out very well, can cause throat irritation for you and your dog and they dry the skin out. The powders soak up all the natural oils on your dog’s skin. Thus these oils that form the top epidermal layer of the skin to protect it are depleted. When the top epidermal oily layer is stripped, your dog’s skin is susceptible to allergies, contaminants and bacterial and yeast skin infections. We are often asked why we don’t make dry powder shampoo, and this is the very reason for it.