Finding A Suitable Brush For Your Pet

Finding A Suitable Brush For Your Pet

Posted by Essential Dog on Feb 03, 2022

Finding plastic free brushes for your pet can be a huge challenge. The durability of plastic is appealing, however during production may emit toxic chemicals into the environment.

A simple solution is to use plastic free brushes, made from bamboo. Unfortunately there are no brush makers in Australia, so it will be almost impossible to source an Australian made brush for your pet.

Bamboo is a great alternative to plastic brushes. Bamboo is strong and durable and visually pleasing and does not impact the environment. Bamboo is sustainable and every one of our brushes look unique due to crop variation.

Another great feature for eco friendly pet parents is our bamboo slicker brush, deshedding tool and two sided brushes are they are naturally fumigated by boiling them under high pressured water for a period of time. This means when the brushes enter Australia, they’re not required to be fumigated with a pesticide, as the boiling water eliminates pests. In order to protect Australian wildlife, cattle, pets and flora and fauna, customs fumigate all commercial wood products where pests can breed. This is not the case with our brushes as they’re naturally fumigated.

How does brushing benefit your pet’s health?

Regular brushing helps remove dead skin cells, removes dry skin, reduces shedding, deters matting, and distributes the natural oils on your dogs and cats skin. Regular brushing is essential and should be done once every couple of days for dogs. Non shedding dogs such as poodles and oodle dogs should be brushed every day to prevent matting, particularly when their coat is long. Brushing is not just about keeping the coat free from tangles. It also improves skin health and is a great way to bond with your dog and give them a special pampering session. I own a spoodle and I brush her in the evening during my downtime (most likely watching tv).

What brush do I need for my pet?

Let’s take a look at the 3 types of brushes in our range.

Slicker Brush

A slicker brush has sharp stainless steel angled bristles designed to cut through knots to help prevent them as well as preventing matting. The angled bristles mean the bristles do not pierce the skin or injure the body. Our slicker brush is an essential brush for any owner of a non shedding dog. This brush will also help reduce shedding.

Deshedding Tool

Our deshedding tool is designed to reduce pet hair in your home and suitable for short-haired, high shedding dogs and cats. The sturdy stainless steel blade effectively removes excess hair and reduces shedding. This stylish de-shedding tool is easy to use, has a comfortable, cushioned handle, and grown from naturally grown wild bamboo.

Two-Sided Brush

Our natural two-sided brush is an excellent choice for removing tangles. This stylish two-sided dog brush is easy to use, has a comfortable, cushioned handle, and is grown from naturally grown wild bamboo.Suitable for all ages and coat types.

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